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In a day life of an HHA we get our schedule like a month in advance but it does change but you kind of know who you're going to see day to day so in the morning I know who I'm going to see so I get up I'd be at the first client at 8 o'clock then you see the client and then you go to the next client it might be an hour might be 2 hours but there's some four hour shifts so each day is a little different and a little bit more unique you walk into a house for the first time you sit down and you talk to them about their interest in sports interest in football fishing whatever it is just to break the ice with them the different kind of people we deal with in this position somebody that maybe was in a accident and it just needs help short term for showers or dishes or even some home care we have middle aged people that have had maybe knee replacement hip replacements or some you have that are in their 90's some ways we lighten their loads is we do their cooking we do their cleaning we do their laundry we change the bed sheets we dust we vacuum you know you feed the pets you feed the birds just that little extra stuff is what needs to be done I treat clients how I want to be treated and if you treat them right they treat you right looking for safety issues is a constant part of this job you look around you know for rugs or anything in the way of them when they're trying to walk you know like maybe boxes or mail or canned goods or holding laying on the floor the part of our job that is really important that we need to be there on time I try to be there a couple minutes early and maybe stay a minute later the client needs us on they might be hungry they might not have eaten they're waiting for us to feed them bathe em entertain them some people don't get to talk to anybody you know we're the only ones that come and visit it's just the part of our job that is really important it's important to be compassionate with your clients when we get older sometimes our hygiene isn't very good and basically that's one of the reasons that we have hold up aides and you know cigarette smoke maybe a dog or a cat it's important to be non-judgmental in this job just have to look past whatever is wrong with the client you know and and try to give them love and support and make things better for them whatever problem we have kept clients on the staffers will find the solution the branch people are very helpful they'll call the nurses or whoever they need to call they make us feel at home in this job you have to do a lot of driving and you have to probably love to drive to be in it because I do and when you're driving the time in between you can reflect on what's happened you can think about the next client can just listen to the radio and center yourself and get back to who you are before the next client I've been with Prairie River for over 10 years and I used to be a bartender and a cook and when I went home I sure didn't feel like this I do this job because I love people...